Friday, November 13, 2009

Part II

Synthetic Structures

Historically, architecture begins with a concept, an overall strategy or some kind of pre-meaning. This studio proposed a re-examination of the possibility of form generation as an autonomous act. As an extension of this interest, student research focused more specifically on the degree to which autonomous geometrical forms could be interpreted as an accumulative mutation, or as having latent affective potential.

If traditionally, design was derived from an expertise of form and proportion, mutating design is an advanced stance toward that tradition: it cannot escape and is thus an evolution of that tradition. Dynamic topology structuration then becomes a tool that pertains in large degree to the highest control of the manipulations of those formal strategies. If traditional architecture needed to determine the degree to which a particular project had achieved its extent of beauty, these topologies explore the emergent aesthetics as methods of material the structure as a reversed mechanism of a more traditional beauty and the material specify as a will to anguish or a more appalling encounter with the work. Rooting this topological design paradigm within the confines of architecture's aim for proportion and beauty, the ugly and horrific of a new kind of structural organization based on excess are the necessary variations that allow for an escape toward a spatial model of shocking presence.

The studio will translate synthetic organism techniques into formal-topological techniques, creating complex taxonomies of a structure system that generate new species of formal behavior.Is not about the mimetic career of biology and structure into and onto architecture, but of the transference of multiple physilogical scales into the systemic intelligence of the involutes surface-dwelling, and back again.

Foucault's history of medicine is simultaneously a history of vision. The species becomes, in the Modern regime of medical surveillance, an animated corpse, an assemblage of organs into which diagnoses are invested and installed. The inside becomes the outside. Or more precisely, the insides become an interior structural condition to be understood in relation to another exterior structural conditional an epidermal membrane. The design task is deceptively straightforward: a structure for the cathedral replacement in Vienna.

Critical to the discussion of interiority + structure is the conditional understanding of the irreducible 'unit' that composes architecture. Investigating the nature of the new paradigms in structures and what is irreducible to architecture will allow for us to explore the topic of organization and matters.

Architecture’s Artificiality
Architectural form conventionally connotes solidity. It is a limit barrier, concretely fixed, through which flows pass and circulate. The solidity of form gives shape to circulation by internalizing it and channeling its vascular fluidity.
This studio, however, takes syntactic organs as the material of form and formation for the structure. Synthetic matter is not something to fill the structure but the substance of structure itself. In other ways, architecture has produce artificial artifacts though it history. But here, even as artificiality conforms to a designed figure, it is remains a problem of composition, something additional to or incorporated into structure; we will try to develop a sense of speciation for the production of new conditions of structure behavior.Is important to keep in mind that even we are working on the structure we are not architects and not engineers, for that we count with one of the best in word, Klaus Bollinger.

Structure armature for the new Vienna Cathedral. We will analyze the current created species by each of you species, to create news syntactic “structure systems” base on these emerging logic we will produce architecture behavior that will conduct to the production of the project.

The studio will increase its research on particle systems, scripting, Cellular systems, Incremental transformations. Fabrication and solid state, the studio will use some of the facilities fabrication lab, which will allow the research to be evolved from the abstract speculation into very specific production experiments:
Assembly strategies, Structure systems, Aesthetic effects, a big amount of physical experimentation is expected.

Klaus Bollinger_Review-Part-001


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